About Us

Mega Jaya Security Sdn Bhd

Mega Jaya Security Sdn Bhd is a private limited company registered under The Companies Commission of Malaysia with number 1089580-M and our Persatuan Industri Keselamatan Malaysia (PIKM) Registration No 0971. Our company established since 17th April 2014.

We specialize in securing factories and residential properties. We secure small and large premises using a combination of static and patrolling guards together with surveillance and other technology.

Mega Jaya Security Sdn Bhd is renowned for its security guard services across Perak. Our team of trained and experienced guards will keep you and your belongings safe, no matter what time of day or night it is. We have a wide range of packages to suit any budget, so whether you’re looking to protect a single site or an entire neighbourhood, we’ll have something that works for you.


We aspire to be the top security firm with the most holistic security solutions in Malaysia.


We are always striving to enhance our security environment by putting clients’ safety as our top concern. We are building our workforce from skills and knowledge-wise to provide professional and reliable services to our clients. Ultimately, we are doing our part in educating and raising everyone’s awareness of the importance of security.


Being a customer focused organization, staying close to our clients and to protect their homes, workplace and communities
Devoting our time to better understanding our client’s needs
Designing and implementing better solutions for a wide spectrum of environments
Hiring and retaining the most qualified people available and maximizing opportunity for success through training and development
Recognizing the importance of open communications and building relationship based on mutual respect with our client’s, employees and society
Striving to maintain the highest ethical, moral and legal standards